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About Novoflex

Innovative products and photo accessories in high-end version - so Novoflex has gained an excellent reputation worldwide for many years. 

In the Novoflex photographer finds much unique accessories that precisely meet their needs and opens him up completely new perspectives when shooting. Flash Mounts from Lumiquest and carrying systems from Op / Tech USA are also part of our m range. 


From 2014 Novoflex exclusively distributes the unique Uniqball tripod head in Germany. With high-end innovative products and photo accessories Novoflex made ​​Itself to outstanding name for many years world-wide. Camera and video support systems, tripods, ball heads, panorama system, lens mount adapters, macro systems and much more. 


With Novoflex the photographer is Offered many accessories, Which fit his requirements perfectly and opens up new perspectives completely Call. Properly designed product concepts make them fun to use, annoying improvising belongs to the past.

NOVOFLEX believes that a product which does a good and reliable job without any complaints throughout a long photographer’s life is the best service for our customers.

So this has been the matter of course of our products for over more than 60 years.


And for all the ‘slight pains’ and ‘wounds’ which may occur by accident, you will always find a willing listener who tries to find a customer orientated quick solution even beyond the legal mandatory guarantee time.


Via the central email address you’ll get extensive help, many informative tips and useful advices for your NOVOFLEX products anytime.

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