The NOVOFLEX MagicBall has revolutionized the world of tripod heads with its exceptional design. After 20 successful years, it is now time to further evolve.

Thanks to the new inverted housing photographers achieve an enormous adjustment range of approximately 240°. Panning the camera from landscape to portrait at any time even without a perfectly aligned tripod is not a problem anymore. However, the highlight of the whole is unleashed when you remove the ball from its housing which then supports the photographer in all possible shooting situations.

In conjunction with the guide shell and the supporting foot of the MB FREE SET taking a photo is possible, with simultaneous stabilization, both directly to the body as well as on a variety of possible substrates.

Panning for video recordings are now possible without expensive video rig systems.
For an easy entrance to the system, makes the small BF SET consisting of the ball itself, the supporting shell and foot.
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