The Falcon Eyes BP-260VL Li-ion battery is built with the multi-finctional SONY V-mount base for supplying stable DC power for any electronic devices as camcorder, DSLR camera, and LED lighting etc.

Brand: Falcon Eyes
Model: BP-260VL
Power Output: 260Wh
Voltage: 26V (DC power)
Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
Battery type: Samsung / Imported from Korea - Made in China
Battery Size & Weight : 1.3kg / 95 x 150 x 51mm
CE: CE certified
Base type: Sony V-mount
Charger: D-Tap (charging cable will be shipped base on the buyer's location)


***Designed for the use of high power DESAL LED panels which require 26V***

***Kindly note that we are not able to ship battery products to Middle East and South American countries***


For these countries, please check with us before your purchase.