ClassicBall 3 II

ClassicBall 3 II

The popular NOVOFLEX ClassicBall 3 used by professionals and amateurs alike is now available in a completely revised version. 
Version II features a “true” panorama panning base with 360° laser engraved scaling at the bottom of the housing. To make use of the panorama function the ball head is being turned upside down thus allowing a 100% accurate leveling to avoid a sloped horizon while doing panorama shots. To support the leveling, the CB3 II comes with an integrated bubble level. The necessity to lengthen and shorten the legs of your tripod/Quadropod to adjust no longer exists. The combination of CB3 II and the brand new MonoLite tilt head converts it into a two way tilt head with silky smooth movements in just a matter of seconds.

In addition the CB3 II features:

Three vertical 90° openings for the ball neck
New AFC (advanced friction control) system for precisely repeatable and defined friction preset
No more fumbling for friction, locking and panning knobs
Absolutely no change of ball position during locking, thanks to totally new design of the ball interior

One glance at the ClassicBall, with its understated matt titanium finish, and it‘s clear that this is a high-precision instrument made to last.
In line with NOVOFLEX‘s well-known product policy, the ClassicBall is an all-metal design incorporating advanced polymer materials. As with other
NOVOFLEX products, the ClassicBall was developed and is manufactured entirely at the company‘s plant in Memmingen, Germany.
Completely new, and a world first in ball head design, are three 90° openings to take the ball neck that significantly increase the vertical
adjustment range of the head. The camera can now swing smoothly through 180° vertically. Equally important is that having three 90° openings
has been achieved with no loss of stability.
  • Details

    Technical specifications:

    Height: 95mm (3.74 in)
    Base Ø: 60mm (2.36 in)
    Weight: 505g (1.11 lbs)
    Load capacity: 8kg (17.64 lbs)
HK$3,490.00 Regular Price
HK$2,879.25Sale Price