For owners of Canon EOS wide-angle or zoom lenses, the EOS-RETRO opens up the world of extreme close-up photography with outstanding quality.

The EOS-RETRO lets you mount the lens in reverse position on the camera. The ring transfers all control functions.

Example: With a Canon EOS 28-105 mm zoom lens in reverse position, you get an image ratio of 1:7 with a focal length of 105 mm from 1:7 to 2.8:1 at 28 mm.

This is a wider setting range than is possible with a macro lens.

The EOS-RETRO is supplied standard with a 58 mm filter diameter. Stepping rings are available for other filter sizes.

  • Details

    Technical specifications:

    Size: 75 mm (2.95”)
    Weight: 160 g (0.35 lbs)
    Maximum extension: 550 mm (21.65”)
HK$2,990.00 Regular Price
HK$2,466.75Sale Price