The new lens adapters allow for many high-quality cine lenses of different manufacturers, which use the widespread PL-mount standard, to be used on cameras with the Leica L-, MFT- and Sony E-Mount bayonet standards.

Cine lenses offer professional videographers a number of advantages over conventional camera lenses, like stepless aperture control, the possibility of connecting video follow focus systems, a special film „look“ and in many cases a greater focus area for an extremely soft and smooth transition from field to blur etc..

The exact flange focal length of the new NOVOFLEX PL mount lens adapters can be adjusted via supplied shim rings exactly to the requirements of different cameras and cine lenses.

A ring with 0.1mm thickness is mounted on delivery and rings with the following thicknesses are supplied with each adapter: 1x 0.01mm, 2x 0.02mm, 1x 0.05 mm.

In addition, the adapters have a permanently mounted tripod foot with an ARCA-compatible dovetail and classic thread sizes with 1/4 „and 3/8“.

Lens adapter PL-mount lenses to Sony E-Mount
Weight: 302g/10.7 oz
Order code: NEX/PL
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